Power Modulator for LTE Cellular Base Stations and Remote Radio Heads


Make LTE base stations & remote radio heads:

  • Smaller
  • Lighter
  • Cheaper
  • More efficient
  • Multi-standard
  • Multi-band

Nujira’s Coolteq® Power Modulator is the world’s first commercially available integrated Envelope Tracking solution for high power linear
RF Power Amplifiers (PAs).

The compact module is easy to integrate into PA designs and enables a dramatic improvement in efficiency, beyond the theoretical limits of Doherty PAs. The substantially reduced power consumption and heat dissipation enables the design of smaller, lighter, cheaper and more reliable transmitters.

RF power transistors powered by the NCT-H4010 are able to provide up to twice their rated output power, thereby halving the dollar per watt cost.

Coolteq PAs are simpler to design and manufacture than Doherty PAs and so speed up design cycles, ease production and increase yield. Coolteq PAs are frequency, protocol and device-technology agnostic so one PA design can satisfy multiple applications.

Electronic configuration provides flexibility for operators to re-optimise for efficiency when rolling out new services remotely.


  • Enables multi-band, multimode PA platforms with more than 60% efficiency for LTE
  • Suitable for up to 60W at antenna using a single power transistor
  • Digitally reconfigurable to optimise efficiency over temperature, power and traffic conditions
  • Supply regulation not required
  • Enables use of low cost, high efficiency DC/DC converter
  • Rugged, reliable, production module

Click here for the Coolteq.h 4010 product flyer 
 Click here for the Coolteq.h 4010 datasheet