Digital PreDistortion (DPD)

With world-leading knowledge of envelope tracking for power amplifiers, Nujira is uniquely positioned to provide the support needed to get  your Coolteq® based products to market. Nujira has over 200 man-years of experience in developing envelope tracking modulators, PAs and digital predistortion solutions that enable us to provide a wide range of relevant DPD solutions and
support services.

Our solutions are applicable for many cellular standards including WCDMA, HSUPA, LTE, CDMA and WiMAX and are also suitable for the waveforms used in many defence/security applications. They are able to correct memory and non-memory distortions exceeding
compliance requirements using off-the-shelf GaN, LDMOS and GaAs RF power transistors.


 Products and Services

  • Full Coolteq.h DPD solutions
  • Coolteq DPD functional blocks
  • Consultancy support for OEMs and ODMs
  • Support for 3rd party DPD vendors
  • OpenET Envelope Generation Interfaces for infrastructure and terminal specifications
  • VHDL code for FPGA and ASIC applications




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