Nujira’s Coolteq power modulators are at the heart of the world’s most energy efficient 4G base stations

Growing demand for wireless data and the new revenue opportunities they bring are major drivers for mobile operators to expand and upgrade their networks to more efficient 3G and 4G systems. However, supporting new network build outs continue to present both cost and performance challenges for network operators and infrastructure equipment manufacturers.
Current LTE, WiMAX and 3G base stations are very power-inefficient due to the use of linear RF power amplifiers (PAs), which typically account for half of the total power used by a base station. In addition, there is an increasing need to support a wider range of frequency bands and multi-mode operation from the same basic PA design to meet the emerging needs of operators worldwide.
Nujira’s patented Coolteq Envelope Tracking technology enables RF PA vendor, infrastructure equipment manufactures and network operators to overcome all these issues while also improving their ‘green’ credentials.


  • Reduce network energy consumption by 40%
  • More reliable and lower maintenance base stations
  • Significant reduction in back-up power requirements
  • Significant reduction in CO2 emissions – lower carbon footprint
  • Key enabler for broadband, multimode PAs for flexible base stations

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