Company milestones

Overview of the most important events in the history of Nujira.


  • Nujira raises $20 million in funding
  • Nujira speeds Envelope Tracking adoption with "EasyET"
  • Nujira first to demonstrate full ET efficiency benefit for TD-LTE PAs


  • Nujira files 200th patent
  • Nujira sets world record for ET PA linearity without use of DPD
  • Nujira releases new 16-band ET RF front-end for global LTE handsets
  • Nujira announces breakthrough LTE performance for CMOS PAs
  • Nujira releases new reference design to address global problem faced by mobile operators
  • Nujira releases patented production line calibration algorithms for ET-enabled handsets


  • Nujira samples low noise second-generation Envelope Tracking smartphone chip NCTL-1200
  • Nujira files 175th patent
  • Nujira raises $12 million in funding
  • Nujira files 150th patent
  • Nujira honoured ‘Innovator of the year’ at New Energy Awards
  • Nujira launches first commercial smartphone chip NCTL-1100


  • Nujira’s Coolteq.h powers world’s most energy efficient LTE Remote Radio Head from Sumitomo Electric
  • Nujira’s Coolteq.u high power technology is commercialized in award-winning DVB Broadcast Transmitter
  • Nujira enters joint venture agreement with KCB Signal Solutions to support US Military Communications Market
  • Nujira makes Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50
  • Nujira named in Global Cleantech 100
  • Nujira makes Cleantech Connect 30 and wins Most Innovative Company Award
  • Nujira files 100th patent


  • Nujira demonstrates world’s most efficient 4G handset transmitter
  • Nujira licenses Coolteq.L handset technology to Tier 1 semiconductor vendor
  • Nujira releases first Military PA platform


  • Nujira ships first Coolteq.h modulators for cellular infrastructure
  • Nujira receives National Microelectronics Institute (NMI) Low Power Design Award for its Coolteq.h RF Power Modules for cellular base stations
  • Nujira releases Cooleq.b ET digital pre-distortion (DPD) solution for cellular base stations


  • Nujira Partners with Sumitomo Electric to bring High Efficiency Power Amplifiers to 3G and 4G Cellular Infrastructure Market
  • Nujira and TTP Demonstrates High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier for Television Broadcast Transmitters
  • Nujira begins volume production of Coolteq.h power modulator modules
  • Nujira and Nitronex collaborate on high efficiency WiMAX Power Amplifiers


  • Nujira achieves ISO9001:2000 Certification
  • Nujira demonstrates Multi-channel High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier Operation


  • Nujira appoints Sanmina-SCI as Manufacturing Partner


  • Nujira appoints Mike McTighe as Chairman of the board


  • Nujira demonstrates ultra high efficiency power amplifier for WCDMA and OFDM systems


  • Nujira files first family of patents
  • Nujira announces patent pending Envelope Tracking technology that optimizes wireless transmitter efficiency and reduces cellular basestation costs


  • Nujira Ltd is formed