ET PA Characterization and analysis

Coolteq.t Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier characterization system

Nujira’s Coolteq.t Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier characterization system is a high performance instrument developed for use by PA vendors, OEMs, and chipset manufacturers.

The system provides complete ETPA analysis under dynamic 3G and LTE ET supply modulation conditions, enabling users to quickly assess the key characteristics of ET PAs by measuring instantaneous efficiency, amplitude and phase distortion.

The system includes a high bandwidth, low impedance Envelope Tracking supply modulator with power supply bandwidth in excess of 60 MHz, a high bandwidth precision current probe, and low impedance supply feed to a detachable PA board.

Synchronised RF and Envelope waveforms are generated by Nujira’s proven Flexible Development Platform, which also provides user control of the Shaping Table. The system is controlled over USB by a Windows PC, using MATLAB.

A fully documented software API is provided, enabling users to incorporate the system into an automated test setup controlled by MATLAB®, LabVIEW®, VEE®, or C# scripts.


  • Complete characterization system for ET PAs
  • Multiple band operation 650 - 2700 MHz
  • Integrated waveform generation and capture
  • generates RF and time-aligned envelope signal
  • Measures instantaneous ET PA efficiency
  • under dynamic supply modulation
  • Live display of amplitude and phase distortion
  • Dual RF input ports capture PA input and output
  • Predefined or user-created Shaping Tables
  • Includes low impedance, high bandwidth ET
  • supply modulator for dynamic ET measurements
  • Integrated PA voltage and current probes
  • OpenET Analogue & Digital envelope interfaces
  • Software API to support automated testing
  • Software Wizards for RF & DC calibration
  • Software upgradable over USB


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