Envelope Tracking can provide significant benefits for low power infrastructure applications, such as femtocells and microcells, or smart antenna macro base stations employing multiple low power PAs for beam steering and/or MIMO.  Small base station volumes are forecast to grow rapidly over the next 5 years, and are likely to dominate the market for wireless infrastructure.

Although the RF power transmission requirements are not as significant as macro base stations, the PA device is often the dominant consumer of energy in small base stations, with a further increase in wasted energy when moving to LTE.

Using Nujira's ET technology, OEMs can benefit from a significant reduction in PA energy dissipation, delivering significant product-level benefits:

  • Enables Power Over Ethernet (PoE) supply for small and medium power LTE base stations
  • Significant reduction in PA heat dissipation removes hotspots, reduces heatsink size and simplifies thermal design
  • IsoGain(TM) linearisation improves PA linearity, simplifying or eliminating the requirement for Digital PreDistortion (DPD)
  • Minimal efficiency penalty for broadband PAs, enabling a single PA design to be used for any 3GPP frequency band, simplifying product inventory and improving ROI.