Poll: Benefits of ET

Poll: Benefits of ET

Take our user poll, and give us your view of the most important benefit of Envelope Tracking in Smartphones.

Apart from reducing power consumption, ET can linearize the PA, improving link budget through better ACLR or EVM.  

Or perhaps it's the increased output power, allowing full 23 dBm LTE transmission, even for the highest data rates.

Maybe it's the 20 degree reduction in operating temperature?  The ability to deliver full performance into high VSWR antenna mismatch?  Or the ability to cover more than 20 LTE bands with a single PA?

Tell us your views, by casting your vote below!

Lower temperature
39 %
Multiband capability
17 %
Linearity improvement
17 %
Better mismatch/VSWR performance
11 %
Additional RF output power
17 %