A fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Cambridge, UK, Nujira is enabling the design of cost-effective multi-mode, multi-band mobile handsets that deliver faster data rates, longer battery life, and better coverage.

Nujira’s mission is to dramatically improve the energy efficiency of transmitters for 3G and 4G handsets by reducing the amount of waste energy dissipated as heat in the RF Power Amplifier circuit. Nujira’s patented Coolteq® Envelope Tracking chips dynamically modulate the power supply to the RF PA in line with the amplitude of the transmitted signal, enabling the creation of highly efficient RF Power Amplifiers for smartphones and other portable wireless devices.

“With widespread adoption this year, mobile device manufacturers are waking up to the potential of ET. Nujira paints an interesting picture of the changing landscape of the RF front-end market. It’s clear to see that whether as a standalone chip, integrated with a CMOS PA, or ultimately into the cellular chipset, ET will rapidly become a critical enabling technology for the next generation of high data rate wireless communications.” 
– Chris Taylor, Strategy Analytics

Founded in 2002, Nujira is funded by leading European venture capital institutions and has amassed the most extensive patent portfolio for Envelope Tracking with over 240 patents filed or granted.