At Nujira, ET is all we do – some would say we’re obsessed with it. 

Nujira started developing ET in 2002, around 5 years before any of our competitors, and we were the first to develop commercial-grade ET products.  We’ve usually been the first to encounter (and solve!) the key technical challenges of ET, generating more than 240 patents along the way.

Nujira’s technology and products are protected by multiple patents in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA, Canada, China, Korea, Japan and other countries.

We have assembled the largest team of ET experts in the world, and we’re extremely proud of our engineering talent.

We’ve developed ET chips and modules covering power levels from 0.1W to 10,000W, with bandwidths of up to 80 MHz. 

We’ve figured out the signal processing needed to generate ET signals, how to optimise a PA design for ET, how to make DPD work with ET, and much more, resulting in many fundamental patents around the use of ET.

By choosing Nujira as your ET supplier, you’re partnering with the acknowledged world experts – find out how we can help make ET easy for you.