With Nujira’s Coolteq.L chip, there’s no need to compromise on RF front-end performance. Coolteq.L provides a significantly improved user experience with cooler running smartphones and longer time between charges. Its ability to provide higher output power under LTE, still meeting stringent noise and distortion requirements delivers significant benefits in network resource management and coverage.

Coolteq.L provides many benefits such as:

Faster data – With 20MHz LTE support, Coolteq.L enables terminals which deliver the full 4G user experience. Nujira’s patented ISOGAIN™ PA linearization delivers better signal quality, improving link budget, enabling higher transmit output power and the highest possible LTE data rates.

Less heat – Improved PA efficiency reduces heat dissipation, simplifying thermal design and enabling smaller, lighter handsets. 

Lower power – Coolteq.L cuts PA energy consumption by up to 50%, extending battery life in HSUPA and LTE terminals.

Better coverage – Coolteq.L boosts PA power output, improving signal quality and extending coverage, even into a mismatched antenna. Nujira’s patented ISOGAIN™ PA linearization delivers up to 10 dB improvement in ACLR, without needing DPD. This enables full-power, full spec LTE transmissions.