ET made easy

EasyET is a combination of PA characterization tools, reference hardware and a suite of software tools that reduces ET development time for platform vendors and handset OEMs by up to three months.

Focused on flexibility, EasyET enables rapid development and validation of multiple region-specific RF Front End platform configurations, without rewriting any firmware.

With EasyET, a single modem firmware release can support multiple RF Front End components by simply modifying configuration tables stored in flash memory, making it easy to add new RFFE devices and optimise system performance.

EasyET also includes PA characterization and platform configuration tools which enable chipset vendors and OEMs to generate all required configuration and production calibration tables for the target platform.

EasyET hardware reference designs integrate Nujira’s NCT-L1300 ETIC with pre-characterized RF Power Amplifiers from leading vendors. The high bandwidth and wide swing range of the NCT-L1300 simplifies ET hardware and software design, enabling ET to be used across all bandwidths and design, enabling 3G/4G modes.


  •     Rapid development and deployment of ET-enabled RF Front Ends
  •     Easy customization for different regional SKUs
  •     Software architecture supports new RFFE components with no code rewrites
  •     ET Surface Explorer toolchain allows rapid characterization of ET PA performance
  •     Automated generation of ET shaping tables, including ISOGAIN®
  •     Includes support for ET production calibration and temperature compensation
  •     Support for platforms with or without DPD
  •     Multi-vendor PA support for “best in class” performance and multiple sourcing options
  •     Supported by world-class hardware reference designs featuring Nujira’s NCT-L1300 ETIC